24 Hour Solution

Sanitization. Disinfection. Protection.

System3 SDP is a biostatic, antimicrobial cleaner and protector that not only cleans and sanitizes surfaces, but also offers a long-lasting protective barrier to any surface. When applied, System3 creates a micro biostatic antimicrobial coating that continues to repel surface contamination. This creates a cost-effective solution to disinfecting that saves both time and money.

The application process is incredibly versatile and can be adjusted for every scenario. Whether you are just wiping on a door handle or using our Graco Sanispray HP units to efficiently cover larger areas, this product can go on any surface to clean and protect.

We’d love to chat with you on how this product can help create a safe environment and be catered to each individual application.


  • Non-toxic

  • 30+ Day Biostatic Protection

  • Antimicrobial cleaner and protector

  • EPA and CDC registered ingredients

  • Green, environmentally friendly formula is completely food safe

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